The Muskians are a species unlike any other.

They live on planet X, on this planet, there is nothing like the ordinary. Things are invented into existence, and every Muskian participates in the development of each invention.

It’s a particular place, let me tell you about it.

The planet, before the Muskians arrived, was completely inhabitable. The sky was red with death, just to name one issue.

The red death permeated the entire planet because there was a lack of oxygen, lack of atmosphere really. There was nothing to protect any living being that would live on the planet.

The Muskians figured out an interesting method to terraform the planet, to make it habitable. They would set of Muskian explosions surrounding the planet (never on the planet itself,) to cause geological and atmospheric changes, that would promote heat, and retention of oxygen (that the Muskians desperately need to survive.)

They invented the planet X itself, before ever even arriving on the planet, cool eh?

Most planets in the Universe are great, but they aren’t great to live on for carbon based lifeforms. The Muskians, who survived the singularity, decided that to become truly indestructible, the species must become multi planetary. In order to do that, they needed to start with the closest planets, then move their way into further and more complicated planets.

Once conquering the first one, planet X, they would move to another, and another, and eventually conquering thousands of planets. the beauty, is that they conquered planet X first.

They made the red sky blue, (well mostly blue, it does change colors quite often,) but they took away the deathly causes of the redness. Then they started planting small trees on the planet.

Those trees, well, they were extraordinary. They were genetically modified trees, to provide an extensive adaptive gene that would make them become unique to the environment of planet X within three generations of being on the planet.

The first generation of trees, was, magnificent. It was truly a phenomenon of creation. The trees grew so high, that you could lose sight of the tip of them. They grew conscious of one another, and sometimes leaned on one another for support. Their color, unlike the green hues on their original planet, were dark purple, a strong darkness that allowed for them to garner more heat from the sun, something the Muskians loved (cuddling up to a hot tree, feeling the sap like a heartbeat, there’s nothing better.)

The trees were a staple of the planet. The planets flag had a branch of the tree on it (alive and well,) and the trees themselves enjoyed a great deal of independence, as they were the first to be on the planet.

The trees, as an odd side effect, brought a small insect with them (the insects were in the seeds, even after genetic modification, very peculiar,) and those insects, were a blessing to the planet.

The insects were Xormiphia, and those little guys, loved the soil on Planet X. They would eat it up, and grow far bigger each year, eventually reaching the size of domesticated animals (they then became a delicacy on the planet, kinda served like chicken.)

Below the ancient rivers of Planet X, rages a battle from the foreign Xormiphia, and the local bacteria.

What life could you imagine being on Planet X?

What would you think life could look like for plants that evolve on another planet?

Is homogeneous plant life good?

What do you think Muskian beings look like?


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