Story To Read/Print – Pillowcase pt 1

Once Upon A Time – Pillow Case

Click on the link above to download/open the .pdf of the story of the pillowcase. I would recommend printing this story, and then making drawings, and customizing the story with your little one, on the front, in the back, all over the place!

You can even get the ball rolling by drawing out a small pillowcase!

Have Fun!!

Make Mornings Special!

Mornings are a great start to the day!

Give your little one something to look forward to towards the end of the day.

It could be a drawing, it could be food, it could be anything, but it has to be something!

Something has to give to be able to able to give your little one patience, and foresight to be able to look forward to something towards the end of the day. This will practice their patience, and give their day a good boost!

I personally like to start a few drawings after my little one goes to bed, and then have a fall back plan! It’s difficult to be able to follow through on every word that we say, but it’s much easier when the work is already cut out for us!

So I make a few drawings, then invite my daughter to join me in those drawings later that night, so then I would be able to keep my promise, as I already made the drawing, and she can just enjoy the drawing, or pick up right where I started!

I like to draw on large paper, so as to give as many possibilities as possible to my little one.

I draw something small, in the very center of the page, either a character, a house, a face, a fence, an animal, something, and sometimes I leave it unfinished, so my daughter can complete it, or modify it the way she sees fit.

I personally love adding drawings to our mix of activities, because it gives me an insight on what she is thinking, and drawing gives a clear evolution of hand eye coordination, with intent. Her intentions and emotions are clear as she is completing the drawing, either by taking her time, drawing fast, hitting the page with the pencils, or being distracted by searching for pencils always and having something on her mind.

Great conversations come from her focusing on the drawing, and me simply being present. It allows for a fluid and natural conversation to occur.

Enjoy your drawing time, as I do!

Hide and Love

A while ago, my daughter was doing something that I found intriguing. She would put things in my things, to remind me of her.

For example, she would put sand in my shoe, so I could think about her all day.

This is a very nice thought, and very cute for a child to do, but for an adult, this would cross a line that I don’t even know existed.

So, what I started doing, is that I started hiding stuff for her too! I would hide things in her room, and I wouldn’t tell her that I hid them. Which would make for very cute conversations, a few days later, a few weeks later, or, well, if it lasted for more than a week, I would tell her where it was if something positive happened.

I call this “Hide and Love” because it is something that is endearing, and causes some unexpectedly lovefull conversations, and it’s nothing big. It could be a sticker (that would not damage the object it’s stuck on) or a small note, or a small toy (finger nail size) or anything, really, that could be amusing.

Just letting her know that I am thinking of her, without telling her, is a lovefull gesture!