Bedtime Stories – Episode 2

Dans cette mini-histoire, on regarde le monde bilingue d’un monde ou des pommes manges d’autre pomme.

In this primarily french story, Christina thinks up of what if apples ate apples, and how to be polite about it.

Who am I?

Hello all internet adventurers!

I am a parent, that simply likes telling made up bedtime stories with my daughter! Join us on adventures on this planet, in the past, in the future, or even in our bellies!!!

My name is George, or Daddy, and I just love talking to my daughter and making up stories!

We go to all sorts of places, and in all sorts of realities! I amĀ  making this site because as a busy parent, and a busy friend to my daughter, sometimes time is a luxury that I cannot afford, but I always want a nice bedtime story to be right at all of our finger tips!

I hope you enjoy the intimate and even silly moments that we share together, and even hope you love some of the twists and turns that sometime occur while we record!

Who knows what can happen without editing or even filters!

Please enjoy!