The Caronicles – III

…With that, started the free ride exchange, where all kinds of insects would seek out the small taxi, and would have their stories prepared for the ride..!

One ride, on a particular day, with a particular particled, little bee, lost its wings, you see.

The bee had somewhere to be, but had a great story to tell, on how it lost the ability to use its wings,and now was down to, well, the taxi vee.

The veehicle, that we call a car, that is now a taxi, you see, do you see? Close your eyes, you’ll see it. The color will be like a beetles back, any one you see, or want to see, will be on the stack.

This vee, took in this bee, into it’s backseat, for a story, but this story, in unlike any story, as the heavens themselves are a part of this story.

The bee came in, and nestled in the seat, a bit awkward for a bee to sit, but it managed. It put it’s legs on the floor, but the other on the seats, but the other on the ceiling, and well, one on its head, it was thinking.

“Oh yes!” the bee said “this is where it all began.”

Once Upon A Time,

I was a small baby, but the thing about being a baby, is that there’s nothing really I could see. I couldn’t move, well, as a matter of fact, I was completely covered in honey! It was crazy!! But that’s how we live as babies, we live like that, we survive like that.

When I came out of the honey, the first thing I wanted to do was fly. I had no idea what flying was, I didn’t even know that I could, but what I knew, is that I wanted to.

There was an issue though, my wings, they had honey in them. AND I COULDN’T GET IT OFF!!

I wiggled, I jiggled, but that stuff was really, really sticky! I couldn’t believe it! I needed help, and as soon as I thought about it, a fellow bee came to help me. It started licking me!

“Can you believe it? It was licking me? UGH!”

Well, anyways, it worked, and I was dry as a bee! So I flew away, out into the wilderness. I’ve never seen a flower before, and my first time seeing one, well, it was love.

The immense power that a flower has, is incredible.

On my first flight, I went in any direction, as I mostly would look up, because I couldn’t believe that there was these white holes in the sky, and that they would move. I was afraid that the blue of the sky would start leaking on me, so I started flying really, really fast!

The faster I went, the less I knew where I was.

Then, two things happened, at first I got hungry, and then second, I saw a purple dot hovering in the middle of a field.

“How odd I thought, things don’t hover, bees hover! Anyways, let me continue.”

This purple thing, it  got bigger, as I got closer. Then, the shape started to make more sense to me. It had a long green leg, just one, connecting it directly to the ground, one long loop of green shiny beauty. One arm was directly in the middle of it, kind of like it got its hand flattened out, and was connected to its leg, no thumbs, no fingers, well, as I got closer, there was many fingers and thumbs, but they were all inside, a slightly lighter color than the rest.

Then the purple hovering head, there’s layers to this head, that are beyond majestic, than fanned out from the center, almost to infinity, layer upon layer of lighter and lighter purple towards the center.

The closer I got, the more details emerged of this hovering purple dot in the middle of the field. But all those details meant so little to the intoxicating smell that grabbed me by the antennae, almost like a signal. Buzzing from the center of the purple layers, my entire body wanted to be there. Calling me, grabbing my soul, I had to go.

“Oh! This is my stop! I must go to work now!” The bee said.

The car honked, and a meter was flashing on the dashboard, full red, and like an alarm; the toll has not been paid yet.

“Let me finish up real quick!”

When I approached the purple layers, my legs were shaking at the possibility of being inside, but inside where? I had no idea! Slowly I  let myself put my feet down onto a few layers, and they were like velvet. They were the things that my life was missing, but almost always knew I needed, in one small touch, they were like invitations, that if my feet left them, they would be willing to take me back to their petals of goodness. Stepping towards the center, my entire vision was surrounded by purple. I could not, but could not see anything but purple.

I was in a purple dream of softness. I crawled down into the center of this magnificent, beautiful creation.

Once I submerged myself into the fours walls of this purple softie, I saw beautiful, stunning stems of yellow, holding these puffy rocks that looked like they could fly away if my breath came too close to them. I was shielded from any elements from the outside, including the sky. The only thing that came into the center was any light that got pushed on the the purple curtain walls, causing a strong purple charmed light to shine through. I loved every second of it.

The yellow gold-like rocks had an odor that was extremely familiar. It smelled like honey, but raw. Mixed with a few others that were a delight to my senses. The smells surrounded me, and gave meaning to who I was, to the thoughts of what I am, and everything that I could be. It was so intense how my body was being guided on this journey of my life through my nose, through this yellow gold.

I loved every second of it. So I stuffed as much of those yellow rocks on my furry belly as I could, and wanted to bring them home to be able to show the rest of my family.

After a few moments, my belly looked like a golden rocky driveway. I was covered in those pebbles! And I smelled great! I could rub these things all over me all day!

Trying to fly away, I couldn’t get off the ground! So I needed to jump a tad in the air, then I could hover around a bit, but I was way too heavy! I kept falling down to the ground, and I couldn’t get myself to fly, and I could definitely not drop any of these precious rocks.

I had a big dilemma, and that’s when I decided to come in your taxi! Everyone is raving about you! What a coincidence that I could tell you my story as well!

“And now, here I am, right at my colony! Thank you!”

Honk Honk! The taxi replied.