A Tree With A Soul

Once Upon A Time,

there was a small, small, really small tree. It was so small, that it looked like like a straw of grass. The small tree was so small, that it was even afraid of insects that would be able to stomp on it!

This little tree, green as can be, was scared, really really scared, because it was so small! When the wind would blow, and small pieces of grass would sway, this little tree was even afraid of them hitting it and crushing it down!

“There has to be something I can do” the little tree thought. “Maybe I can grow faster?”

With that thought, the little tree had a big thought. What if it COULD grow faster? How could it do that? Maybe if it ate more nutrients? Maybe if it had more water? Maybe if it had more sun? Maybe if it did all of those?

So what it did, is that it poked one eye out, trying to go on its tippy toes (an eye for a tree is a leaf, and it’s toes are its roots,) to try and get a teensy bit more sun.

It was able to get one leaf out there. One leaf reached the sunlight directly, and it soaked it in. It felt rejuvenated!

The next day, it went on its tippy toes, and also tried to soak in a bit more water. HMMMM did it feel good soaking all that water in! Ouuuu ouiiiii !

The next day, it crouched down, and tried to get as much nutrients as it could from the soil.

This process was hard, and it required a lot of treeffort, but after a week, it was able to stick two eyes out, and after another week four, then eight, then sixteen, and so on.

Until one day, there was a piece of grass that was jealous. It could see the small tree becoming all it could be, so it decided that it wanted it to stay small, so small, that no one would be able to recognize the tree anymore, and it would stay small like all the other grass around it.

So that little piece of grass decided to talk to all the other grass (they speak with odors) and it banded them together. The grass banded together, and started to surround the tree, blocking all sunlight from reaching it.

This evil gesture did not stop the tree from growing, although it didn’t help. The tree would keep on poking a small eye out, and just slowed down its process for growth, but nevertheless, it was able to grow, and become more itself than it ever was.

After months of hard work, the tree finally was able to get over all the grass, and be itself.

No more worrying about things crushing it, and not worried anymore about any petty grass.

It was now able to be itself, in all its glory.

Grassy Clouds

Once Upon A Time,

there was a cloud, but it wasn’t just any cloud. It was a cloud made entirely of grass.

This could would move across the sky, the ground, and pretty much anywhere you can imagine it.

The thing with this special grassy cloud, is that it was made of grass, from top to bottom, on the sides, every curve this cloud had, was entirely filled with grass. Round bumps, grass! Little edges, grass! Every thing is absolutely covered in grass!

As you probably already imagined, this grassy cloud, is made of something that some things really, really like, kinda like a floating fruit, wouldn’t you want to take a bite? Right?

There were these jumping goats, that loved to jump up on this cloud, and take bites! If the cloud ever had the misfortune of hovering low enough, some goats would jump right on top of it! They would bite this cloud like there was no tomorrow! Chow chow chowing down all that greeny luscious grass! They loved it, with the sun on their backs, a beautiful breeze, and deeeelicious grass!

(Sometimes you could even find some clouds with goats hanging off of them, too hungry to let go of that last bite!)

This grassy cloud, it was one of a kind, but it really wanted to be two. It wanted to be two of a kind!

So it set out for a search for another grassy cloud! Keep your eyes peeled, if you see it first, make sure to let the cloud know!!