A Needle, Timber

Once Upon A Time,

there was a needle, Little Timber, who enjoyed life, very much. The thing about Timbers life, is that he passes through thread all day, and all night. He gets a small, very small string that goes inside his hand (he only has one) and with the help of a little knot, he held on tight.

Timber helped guide many small threads in the wounds of clothes, and helped get a fresh start in life. He helped them, guided them, and made them feel uniquely at ease with the way that he could push through material, and bind them together.

In the end, when he needed to sleep after all that work, he was placed in a velour lined box, that was so soft for his pointy self.

He loved his mornings, when a light would shine through the box, and slightly wake him up, then the calm, familiar footsteps that would head towards him, then the slow lift of the box, that would be elevated from it’s resting point, placed on the thighs of the needle master.

The lid would slowly open, and the light would come gushing through, making Timber sparkle like a star.

Wearing a glove, a special glove, the needle master would pick him up, and calmy, warmly look at him .

She would start humming a gentle tune, and place the thread through him, and get to work fixing wounded clothing.

All kinds of clothes would come to Timber, pants, shirts, skirts, socks, boxers, I mean, if you can think of it, Timber repaired it.

Timber loved being in good hands, and he love seeing the joy on so many faces when they would come get their clothes, good as new! Their smiles too!

Timber loved being a part of the threads that kept people loving their clothes. He kept them together, and he loved what he could do. He loved everything about what he was, what he is, and what he could do. Loved it!

When Timber would have his box closed at night, he would sleep tight, knowing a good job was done.

He closed his eyes, and enjoyed every minute of his slumber.

This night, is not like any other, though.

In the middle of the night, Timber got his box rattled. Things got real, really fast! His box shook for about 2 minutes, then stopped, then he heard voices, people talking, and some people sounding really, really worried.

Timber didn’t know what to do, so he pressed his ear on the box, to hear a bit better. He heard more people.

A man said:

This is great, but we need to do something, now. Can you help?

Then, a woman said:

I have a special needle, that can do anything.  Just you wait and see.

The box opened, and Timber could see what was happening. There were doctors, a woman on a table, and a beautiful baby, in the hands of the doctor, in a wonderfully comfortable looking blanket.

Timber was heading straight for the thread, a bit softer than usual, and a bit thicker too. The needle master started waving him around, in a fast, repetitive pattern, putting the threads into each other, instead of into something to be fixed.

Timber was creating an article of clothing, his very first, for this wonderful baby. Timber made sure to be extra pointy to be able to precisely put the threads where they needed to be, and make them extra strong!

Moments passed, and hard work being done, Timber finished his very first piece of clothing.

It was a one piece, the most comfortable, simple, amazing thing he’s ever seen.

The doctor immediately slipped in on the beautiful baby, and by doing so, the babies eyes slowly started closing, and went to sleep. The baby was at peace, and comfortable.

The needle master kissed Timber, gave him a caring caress, and put him back in the box.

The lid closing, Timber felt enormous pride, and now could go back to sleep, having done a job well done.

His first piece of clothing, he felt really, really special, and we all know, that he will repair it, and make it grow with the baby!