Bedtime Stories – The Shy Guy

Once Upon A Time,

there was a shy guy, but, I want to be clear, that this, is no ordinary guy. Well, actually, he isn’t really, well, he’s just shy.

To get down to it, this guy is like, a cloud. He’s made entirely of mist, and only take the form of the entities that it wants to communicate with. This time, this cloud of mist wanted to talk to a deer.

This deer was a beautiful deer, my dear, with beauty written all over it. Beautiful brown fur, golden in the sunlight, with beautiful white stripes that flow from it’s head, right down to it’s lustrous tail, with a little golden tip!

This deer had a name, it’s name was Bertha the 1st. As she was the first deer of her kind that had gold fur tip tails. A wonder, and a beauty, but mostly, stunning.

Bertha would eat grass all day. Slowly bending, then chewing, she crunched crunched crunched away, it’s a beautiful sight to see. Majestic in it’s own right, she was chewing with pride!

One day… she came across a beautiful field.

Once she saw the field, she just had to go up to see it up close, and start eating from the center of the field. The scene of grass, spread across a valley, is like a buffet waiting for her little tummy.

From up high high in the clouds, was our special little guy, a small purple cloud, making small purple movements, but our shy guy, wanted to come up close to our little golden deer, and talk to her.

Transforming into a deer, the guy appeared on the ground, unbeknownst to our little Bertha.

Our guy started chewing on some grass, but it wouldn’t do much for him, as that is not his primary source of food, he sustains his body on water, the water from mountains that climb to the sky through evaporation.

Bertha heard chewing nearby, and raised her head to see. But as soon as she did, the little shy guy was too shy, and burst into a cloud of purple mist!

Bertha at first shocked, and at the same time amazed, wondered what she just witnessed, blinked, and saw nothing but small leaves of grass fall slowly to the floor.

Bertha thought nothing of this, and kept eating, and chewing, until her belly was full of yummy.

Our purple bursty shy fella, couldn’t do anything but fly back up in the sky, too shy.

The end.