Cars Over The Moon

Once upon a time,

there was a car, and that car, went over the moon. It went over the moon, and then came back, fast, towards the earth.

When it went through the atmosphere, in a burning rush, it launched it’s parachute, and landed safely in the ocean.

That car, never went to the moon again. They keep it in a museum, that anyone can visit.

Ever since then, the moon has felt like it’s alone, more than ever, because no other cars have come to visit. It looks down, at the earth, and sees millions of cars, and yet, none of them head up, up past the clouds, past the atmosphere, past it all, then nothing, to visit the moon.

The moon is floating, high up in the sky, hovering over everything, everything that we love, keeping the tides rising, without a visitor in sight. Nothing is coming its way.

One day, after seeing rockets fire, and test each other to see how high they can go, the moon finally had hope.

A Musk among the others, kept flying cars higher and higher in the sky. The moon was so happy to see the cars coming again, and again. Heading closer and closer to it.

The moon was getting happier and happier, as time went on, seeing the cars pierce the sky once again.

One day, the moon thought, that cars would once again make it past the moon, and it could wave to the passengers. Smiling to them, and getting a smile back, is all the moon could ask for.

Questions to ask to your little listener:

How many people do you think the moon has seen?

How many more do you think the moon will see?

What kind of car would you want the moon to see?

Does the moon need glasses?