Grassy Clouds

Once Upon A Time,

there was a cloud, but it wasn’t just any cloud. It was a cloud made entirely of grass.

This could would move across the sky, the ground, and pretty much anywhere you can imagine it.

The thing with this special grassy cloud, is that it was made of grass, from top to bottom, on the sides, every curve this cloud had, was entirely filled with grass. Round bumps, grass! Little edges, grass! Every thing is absolutely covered in grass!

As you probably already imagined, this grassy cloud, is made of something that some things really, really like, kinda like a floating fruit, wouldn’t you want to take a bite? Right?

There were these jumping goats, that loved to jump up on this cloud, and take bites! If the cloud ever had the misfortune of hovering low enough, some goats would jump right on top of it! They would bite this cloud like there was no tomorrow! Chow chow chowing down all that greeny luscious grass! They loved it, with the sun on their backs, a beautiful breeze, and deeeelicious grass!

(Sometimes you could even find some clouds with goats hanging off of them, too hungry to let go of that last bite!)

This grassy cloud, it was one of a kind, but it really wanted to be two. It wanted to be two of a kind!

So it set out for a search for another grassy cloud! Keep your eyes peeled, if you see it first, make sure to let the cloud know!!

Raising A Child

Raising a child is hard, because of uncertainty, the uncertainty of your child’s future is haunting, as it is uncertain. The most drastic (that brings mist to the most ardent, and armored of parents eyes,) is thinking about if their child will even see tomorrow.

Tomorrow is what we hope to see, but a better tomorrow is what we hope for our children.

A parent is embedded in sacrifice. We must sacrifice resources, we must sacrifice our time, we must even sometimes sacrifice ourselves, for the well being of our children, of the people of tomorrow.

What we hope for our children is that they have tools to prepare for what is to come, and especially for the insight to foresee the things that could cause them harm.

We want what is best, we want to offer the best that we can, and often even when we give the best, we aren’t there to witness our children using the tools that we give them.

The thing with our kids, is that it’s not what we tell them, but how. It’s not what we want to show them, it’s what they will get out of it. We often say things that we know to be good, but that are perceived to be bad. Our words mean something truly specific to us, but can often be misleading.

What I hope is that my stories mean something to you, and your children, as I have fallen in love with how my daughters mind works and weaves new links through how we tell our stories, but what I hope above all, is that you create stories with your children, and that you discover each other through your stories.

Love is made to be shared, and is made to grow. Grow together, and love each other through your stories.