Once Upon A Sound

Once Upon A Sound,

there was a lovely little girl. She lived in a little town, that had little people, that made very little sound. The trees could be heard shuffling their leaves, that encircled the town.

Every breeze, you could hear those leaves, but inside the city, there was another pretty sound, the sound of a little girl, who could whistle. She made violin sounding whistles, piano sounding whistles, and even some of the towns favorite songs Brush the Bush is a town classic.

Her beautiful sound, was the only other sound the city tolerated. Every day, at 8 of the day, she whistled away. When she would walk around, talk around, or shop around, every one knew exactly where she was by the sound of her beautiful whistle.

She made sounds that no one else heard, and she made it in ways the every one loved.

Until one day, the whistling stopped.

Her name was Anabelle, and she tried and tried, but could not. She put her two lips together, and tried to have a little peep, but no sound could escape.

“Oh my oh my, what is going on?” she asked herself.

The town, who hasn’t had a mirror in over a hundred years in the city, had to rely on others to see something within themselves. So Anabelle rushed over to the first person she could see.

“Hello Tom, I can’t whistle today, can you tell me what’s wrong? Look” she pursed her lips, and, nothing. No sound.

Tom courteously replied “Well, it does seem like there is something definitely wrong here. Your lips are all dried up! Here, I have some lip balm, you can put it on and get’on whistling again!”

Tom handed her the magic lip balm, and voilà, Anabelle was able to whistle again!

What song would Anabelle whistle next?

Should Anabelle sing?

What causes chapped lips?

Can you whistle?